Technology and Anaesthesia Patient Safety: A Double-Edge Sword?

Pre-Conference Event – Lecture 2
Date: 6 May 2023, Saturday (GMT+8) | 5 May 2023, Friday (GMT-5)
Time: 0920 (GMT+8) | 2020 (GMT-5)
Speaker: Jeffrey M. Feldman MD, MSE

Advances in medical technology continue to transform healthcare of individual patients.  It is arguable however if the impact extends to the population at large.  Technology increases the cost of care while overall outcomes, especially in the United States, do not obviously improve.  Further, despite advanced healthcare systems in many countries, large numbers of people do not have access to care.  Finally, healthcare provider staffing, and burnout will be problems for the foreseeable future without an obvious solution.  Will technology improve value, access to care, and ease the provider burden, or only make these problems worse?